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Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2015-01-07 15:05:00


Hi, I am Apple.

I am a girl, simple ,funy and strong.

Life changes all the time ,but i enjoy it very much with good mood.

I love my job,my partners and like the name”sunflower” most.

I would like my life and job be positive and full of power, just like Sunflower.


I have been a export trader for four years and i love it.Through it, we can know various kinds customer with different characters and custom. I like their culture,language and some faraway countries’ trade way interest me more.

I like my company, product capacity and quality support us we have a excellent platform better play to our strength and working condition make me feel like home.

I am major in Africa and Arabic market,i speak English,but recently i am learning Germany and Spainish, I wish friends oversea will love my product by good communication.  

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