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The awning way in Germany

Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2015-03-20 12:56:00



     When all Chinese were welcoming Spring Festival,we have been ready for Germany's trip,because the" R+T in Germany" is coming which is a very important chance to show outside garden awning products.

      We have prepared many kinds of awning, such as retractable awning, window awning ,side awning,and necessary awning components,this year our booth was decorated more professionally, it was quite simple and clear.




      During these five days, our room was always full with customers globally, they sit and had a cup of tea with us, we talked more about awning products details, furture co-operation with our Sunawning,and the meeting date in our awning factory. When back to hotel, we also took some photos of different kind awning which local people and shop owned, we hope to learn more and produce more charming awning as planed.

       The short Germany's trip has been finised but it was another beginning, we always on the road for awning's business.