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A New Awning Market

Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2015-03-24 11:23:00

                                             A New Awning Market


           Each year this time, there are full of people outside SNIEC, busy traffic and crowded
     subway, different color face. Shanghai R+T is coming.
           It is a popular exhibition for outdoor sun protection product in Asia, this time we
     prepare a very lively booth for customers, we build a simple white house with orange color
     fabric awning, there is a big side awning around protecting wind,a window awning outside
     our talking room, a standing awning stands in the gazebo,and a retractable awning extend
     outside the garden, come and take a seat, you can feel the garden life directly.
          Customer will stop when they see our awning especially Chinese, they love it and are
     looking for it, because more and more people would like to enjoy outdoor life in China,awning
     is necessary point for it and become a very big market.
         After three busy days,more people know our awning products and want to cooperate with us,
     welcome Sunawning, let us being together,enjoy sunshine,enjoy Sunawning.