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Enjoy Sunawning Life in the Canton Fair

Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2015-04-25 13:39:00

                                 Enjoy Sunawning Life in the Canton Fair

        This time in the Canton Fair, we have applied a very good place which match our

awning products so much.It is near the stage and outside, we have friend to show their

furniture products together with us, so it is more beautiful even there is no house, but

it is a realgarden life.




        The weather in Guangzhou is changeable and summer is coming earlier, it is hot and

also rainy,but our awning make it simple and comfortable,because our customer can sit

under retractable awning when it is rainy,and our window awning will help you protect

from sunshine.

        So many customers come and stop here everyday,the magic weather make our

awning products more practical and develop its value.