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Hi Party, We Are Coming

Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2015-01-24 16:02:00

 Hi Party, We Are Coming

       The Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon, for each year, it is really a busy period for awning factory,but also the time for annual meeting.

       As writer and partner of Sunawning, I have to say, this is my first for the meeting and I really would like to call it part,so I am coming and fired up.

       They have prepared so good,although we are awning factory, full of awning parts everywhere, it is clear and in order. Window awnings are installed in line,side awning stands as a square garden, retractable awnings are opening and closing for testing ,also seem like welcoming all the friends with their retractable arms.

      Along stairs is full of flower and garland, there is a very big place as stage and for audience, lantern hang on wires along two wall, it is colorful and joyous.

      The party begins, we sit around table,different kinds dishes are ready for people with different religion, there are various kinds of programs such as magic show, opuscula and singing song. Thanks for Sunawning gathering us in one place, thanks for the stage,making us man of many parts.

      The party last for four hours but we enjoy it and never sleepy.

      Thank you, hope our Sunawning factory be better and stronger.