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One Night in Shanghai

Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2015-03-26 11:15:00

                                                   One Night in Shanghai

             We decide to stay in Shanghai one more day after the exhibition,and wait another two
        Sunawning girs’ coming. We want to have a short holiday here although each of us have
        been to Shanghai many times.


            Rain and wind fly along riverside, quite cold but no one stop We eat more and have a
        little drink which make us feel warm and powerful,then we run to The Oriental Pearl Tower.
        It is more impressive than we thought, especially when we walk around “The Peak Trail”,
        it is amazing,seems like walking on the starry sky, that is a wonderful feeling.

            Finally we walk into an old time of Shanghai, modern,clear international and also keep
        old Chinese culture.Different style buildings around street, woman wear colorful in a big
        party, actors are acting vulgar life. It is interesting that there is awning installed on
        the house,it is so simple with a wooden awning frame. Maybe people have began to enjoy
        awning life at that time.