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Such a Big Party

Source:SunFlowEditor:SunFlowHits:Posted:2016-01-16 18:33:00

       Chinese New Year is coming , it also means a year is going to end, nearly all companies are busy with annual meeting, of course includes us.

      Today we are preparing for this big party and also very excited because we will hold it in our new working house which is super big, nice and clear. It has 20 thousand square meters, our people is decorating showing room, and the street inside the place, I think after one month, there will be lots of nice awning opening in the showroom, and various kinds of awning will be installed around the wall, street for our customer looking and also be useful in the sunshine.

       Delicious food come all the time, clapping follow with great program, our workmates are talent and very happy, they release power and passion in our big party, hope next time it will be better, and Sunawning will be better.